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Help & Info about Microsoft Excel 2016 for windows

  • What is Microsoft Excel 2016?

    This program is a spreadsheet tool that features formulas, graphs, pivot tools, and a basic macro programming language. The 2016 version is the latest software for the program, with Excel having begun life three decades ago.
  • What is new in Microsoft Excel 2016?

    The highlighted new feature of this version of Excel is one-click forecasting, which makes it easier for the user to perform complex calculations. There are also new visual data features with new chart types, which boosts the overall graphical performance for users, allowing them to see important data trends with greater ease. Data from the cloud has also been incorporated into 2016 Excel, which means the user can access their saved spreadsheets from different devices and in different places. A mobile app included with Excel 2016 means users can edit spreadsheets whilst on the move.
  • Is Microsoft Excel 2016 free?

    No, this program is not free. It can be purchased as a standalone model for $99.99, or subscribed to as part of the Microsoft Office package for a monthly fee.
  • Is Microsoft Excel 2016 a database product?

    No, Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software, not a database. An example of a database product would be Microsoft Access. The key difference between spreadsheets and databases is that the former stores data in cells, such as what Excel does, while the latter stores information in tables.
  • Can Microsoft Excel 2016 be used as a database?

    Yes, the user can create database tables as an alternative to spreadsheets. There are three types of database table on this version of Excel: simple tables, Excel tables and Pivot tables.
  • Can Microsoft Excel 2016 open .ods files?

    .Ods files are spreadsheets created in the OpenOffice version of Excel. This version of Excel is able to open, modify and save .ods files. Excel is also capable of converting these same files to the default .xlsx format.
  • Can Microsoft Excel 2016 count words?

    Unlike Microsoft Word, Excel does not have an automatic word counter, because it is primarily spreadsheet, and not text, software. However, the more advanced user can create a formula within Excel, using the 'substitute', 'len' and 'sum product' functions, to calculate the word usage within a particular spreadsheet.
  • Can Microsoft Excel 2016 calculate the number of days between two different dates?

    Excel can not perform this function automatically. However, the user can create a simple formula within a particular spreadsheet if they want this information.
  • How often is Microsoft Excel 2016 updated?

    The software, along with all other products in the Microsoft Office range, is updated on a frequent basis, usually as a means to make minor tweaks and provide security updates. As of March 2018, the last update was released in February 2018.
  • What platforms is Microsoft Excel 2016 available for?

    Like all products in the Microsoft Office 2016 range, this version of Excel is available for Microsoft Windows 7 and later. A Mac version is also available for those with Apple operating systems.


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